is a rapid login solution a ticketing solution a non-custodial wallet a social affiliate platform a vehicle to connect with fans a sidekick for businesses a new revenue vertical patent pending a paradigm shift a destination your new favorite app.

Connect Wallet


Web3 has been waiting for its “Login with Facebook” moment…

Onboard anyone, anywhere inless than 20 seconds.


Create non-custodial wallets with just a phone number. Send digital assets to with just a phone number.

No downloads. No seed phrases. No crypto jargon.

Your social affiliateplatform for digital goods and services.


DJ3N enables fans to curate creator content in Web3, becoming not just consumers, but partners in the creator's success. Creators enjoy resale roylatites.

Access Passes for your Fans


Create an end-to-end ticket solution: from creation, to purchase, to distribution, to admittance at the door.

 Pay with Cash

or Card


Credit card integration via Stripe and Apple Pay. Cash out fiat balances directly to bank account.


   Pay with Tokens

          or Coins


Accept EVM payments from any 0x address.

  • liquidity for Creator Token pairs
  • locking for governance and platfrom privileges
  • inflationary emissions with burn mechanics tied to trade volume fees

Creator Tokens

  • Each verified Creator has their own token economy
  • Dynamically issued to Fans who follow Creators
  • Creators earn their own token by pricing items or experiences in their own token, thus providing value to the ecosystem.

Fan Tokens

  • Soulbound tokens earned by fan actions (attending shows, buying merch, etc.)
  • Fan Token balances place fans into tiers, gamifying fandom and giving die hard fans vindication and bragging rights.
  • Applies index multiplier to fan-held Creator token balance

Three tokens underpin a

carefully balanced



Full-tokenomics docs to be released closer to token launch.

Backed by Blue Heron Ventures

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